We Are Social: Tuesday Tune-Up #15


Here are the Top 10 stories making headlines in social media this week;

1. Australian Twitter Story 

According to the The Works Sydney  the Australian Twitter Story stats include:

2. New Qantas Twitter campaign for #QantasLuxury back fires
Qantas’ attempt to use Twitter to promote Qantas Luxury experiences has turned into a PR Fail, with detractors hijacking the promotional tag to insult the airline.

The promotion asked its followers: “What is your dream luxury inflight experience? (Be creative!) Answer must include #QantasLuxury”. But things quickly turned ugly as people on Twitter launched an insult attack on the airline in response to the recent industrial dispute.

A quick analysis on Sysomos social media monitoring shows the hashtag on a growth trajectory, with 5,426 mentions as of 5pm today.

3. Mortein targets 250,000 votes on Facebook to save Louie the Fly

Mortein announced that it would kill off the 50-year old advertising character unless there was a public outcry to save him.

People can vote to either kill him or save him by visiting his Facebook page or by casting a vote in person in ballot machines in shopping centres, town squares or beaches.

According to press releases, Mortein would “stand by its decision” to kill off Louie if the campaign didn’t muster 250,000 votes.

4. What motivates us to use social networking sites?
According to a survey by Pew Internet, 66% of US online adults use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with a variety of motivating factors:

5. Social media drives sales for luxury brands
Burberry announced a 29% increase in revenue over the past six months after a successful social media marketing strategy.

Angela Ahrendts, CEO, attributed Burberry’s strong first half to “our continued investment in innovative design and digital marketing”.

6. Google+ continued lack of growth
Experian Hitwise have released statistics showing how Google+ recorded its third biggest week in terms of traffic last week, after a spike when accounts were opened to all.

Nonetheless, data given to the LA Times shows the site has lost visitors in 11 out of 21 weeks since launch, regularly falling between 10% and 20% from one week to the next.

More to the point, Google+ has struggled to expand outside America: according to ICM Research, only 4-5% of 40 million registered users are British.

Amusingly, 17% of respondents claimed to use Google+ but in reality only a third do so – with the remainder mistaking it for something else!

7. Could music help Google+ whistle to a new tune?
Google launched its highly anticipated digital music hub, Google Music last week.

It could breathe fresh life into Google+ as ‘once someone makes a purchase on Google Music, he or she can give Google+ friends a full listen to a track, or even an album, for free’. Neat.

8. Renault: Ange & Demon
We Are Social’s Paris office have created a street fighter style Facebook game which allows players to choose an Angel or Demon character to fight their way through a variety of challenges and win prizes for the best performances.

This is to promote the 666 limited edition Clio R.S. Ange & Demon cars.

9. Jeweller shares soppy love notes via Facebook

Robbins Brothers, a Californian jeweller has come up with an extremely cheesy Facebook campaign.

All fans have to do is write a love note to that special someone on the brand’s Facebook page and they will upload it onto a digital billboard on a local freeway.

And, if that isn’t enough they will also take a photo of it so you can share it with your loved one.

Whoever said that romance is dead is clearly mistaken…

10. Busted Bloggers
47 South Korean bloggers have been penalised by the government for posting false reviews to make money.

These ‘power bloggers’ did not tell readers they received commission from 2-10% of total sales in return for writing favourable reviews of products and organising group purchases.

The most profitable blogger earned almost $800,000 in commission.