We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune-Up #140


Messaging apps are getting more popular
All of the messenger apps tracked by GlobalWebIndex in Q2 2014 have risen in popularity. Snapchat has seen the biggest increase (67%), followed by Kik (32%) and WhatsApp (30%). For more detailed analysis of the report, along with a discussion of what it means for other social networks, take a look at GWI’s guest post on our blog.

Social TV more popular with younger demographics
An eMarketer study has found that ‘social TV’ is more popular with 16-24 year olds than other age groups. Of all respondents in that age group, 42% answered that they simultaneously use social media and watch television, compared with an average of 27%.


Facebook adds ‘Context Cards’ to iOS app
Facebook is adding a feature called ‘Context Cards’ to its iPhone/iPad app, which it hopes will encourage more interaction between friends. The network will now display relevant past activity from friends when a user checks in somewhere or posts an activity update. For example, if you checked in at Wembley Stadium to watch Arsenal win the FA Cup, you might see which friends had seen them at the semi-final. The picture below shows off some other uses:


Facebook developing rival to Snapchat
Facebook is reportedly working on an ‘ephemeral messaging’ app, referred to internally as ‘Slingshot’, in an attempt to rival Snapchat. This comes at the same time as news that it has removed ill-fated video sharing app, Poke, from the iOS app store. As Poke was originally touted as a response to Snapchat, the timing may be considered slightly odd. Facebook’s standalone Camera app has also been removed.

Twitter introduces ‘mute’ function
You can now ‘mute’ Twitter users you don’t like, meaning you won’t see their tweets in your timeline or receive notifications from them. Unlike ‘unfollowing’ someone, they won’t know that you’ve done it, and you can switch the feature on and off as you please.

Giphy allows you to link with a GIF on Twitter
Giphy has created embeddable, linkable GIFs for Twitter for the first time. There is only one link, which brings users straight back to a the linked URL page; previously, this would have required two separate links.

Pinterest adds new features and funding
It’s been a big week at Pinterest HQ. First of all, it’s lined up a set of more than a dozen brands, each ready to run ad campaigns on the platform with a commitment of three to six months. It isn’t resting on its laurels, though; it’s looking to add a new Q&A feature. A spokesperson said of the move:

We’re always gathering feedback from Pinners to make Pins more useful. We’re currently testing the ability to ask and answer questions in a more structured way on Pins, with a small group of Pinners. We don’t have any additional details to share at this time, but we’ll keep you posted.

Finally, the network has raised a further $200m in its latest funding round. Not only that, it’s at a valuation of $5bn, a healthy increase from $3.8bn at the last round.

Foursquare launches Swarm
A couple of weeks ago, the mashup’s little brother announced that Foursquare was planning to release a new app for all its ‘social’ elements. Well, now it’s here. Foursquare launched the app in the App Store and Google Play last week. It’ll be heading to Windows phone later in the summer, too.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.23.09

TaylorMade looking to ‘socialise’ product demonstrations
Golf brand, TaylorMade, is looking to make its latest product demonstration more social, by taking questions live on air via a microsite. A video that displays how new clubs work is commonplace in golf marketing, but this social element is pretty new. The brand will field questions via a set of experts and are hoping for an appearance from one of their PGA assets.

Amsterdam Airport creates Instagram game
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has created an Instagram game in which users have to guess where photos were taken. All of the 300 selected destinations have five hashtags applied to them – when a user starts the game, they will see the latest Instagram photos taken with those hashtags and have to guess the location. Successful entrants have the chance to win tickets for flights.


Weight Watchers open social cafe
Weight Watchers has opened its first UK cafe in London. However, until the pop up venue closes on 23rd May, no money will be exchanged – diners will use their own social media as currency.

Old Spice holds up its fingers on Twitter
Old Spice had a lot of fun with its Twitter followers last week. First of all, the brand asked how many fingers it was holding up. The responses started pouring in and, well, the tweets speak for themselves. These aren’t all of them, either…