We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune-Up #194


Snapchat CEO takes main stage at Cannes


25 is the age of the constant battle between stable relationship vs. fast food & Netflix. This is definitely not the case for Snapchat’s Founder & CEO Evan Spiegal as he prepares for his first trip to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. It’s no surprise that advertisers want to get in front of the 100 million obsessive consumers who use the app religiously. It’ll be interesting to what happens when Spiegal takes the stage to pitch the 10 second #foodporn/#gymselfie/#lookatmeimonholiday mobile messaging app to 6,000 of the agency world’s top creatives and deal makers.

Facebook releases new photo sharing app Moments


After a futile attempt to dethrone Snapchat in the ephemeral messaging game with “Slingshot“, it was time to get back to the drawing board. Utilising existing facial recognition technology, Facebook has released a new Moments app that will give users the ability to “create private group spaces where you share photos and memories with the people you care about”. Brace yourselves for the resurfacing of shameless drunken photos of you and your crew getting up to no good.

Twitter will remove 140 character limit on DMs


Sometime in July, Twitter will be removing the character limit on direct messages. No, the character limit removal will not be imposed on regular tweets, however you’ll finally be able to slide into someone’s DMs with more than 140 characters. Rejoice.

Twitter showing ads based on downloaded apps


Advertisers are now able to show you ads based on the apps you’ve previously downloaded. Those with Candy Crush or Clash of Clans installed, don’t be surprised to see an ad for Fitness Buddy, it’s probably for the best.

Twitter update allows users to share block lists


Twitter update now allowing users to share block lists with peers. Great feature for those who suffer a high volume of unwanted interactions on Twitter. Not so great for those who are “in the mood 4 dirty fun hehe xoxo”.

Instagram revamps website


Instagram has recently redesigned it’s website. The overdue update features a more dialled back approach, giving the website a very clean and modern feel but also allowing room for the significant increase in image size. As a result there will definitely be an increase in users using Instagram on their desktops (at least on my end anyway).