Tuesday Tune-Up #295

Ah, Snapchat we had such high hopes for you! Snap Inc. shares fall below IPO price for first time
Snap Inc. has seen their share price falls below the IPO price for the first time.  Its share price falls as investors question its future growth opportunities. Let’s face it Instagram stories have been a massive blow for Snapchat, so what can they offer now that will separate them from the pack? Don’t get us wrong they have just added a whole bunch of awesome features, but they will need something big to survive against they who shall not be named. But just so we don’t get too down here’s a picture Snapchat’s viral sausage.

Facebook is disabling pages from modifying link previews

Only some original publishers will be exempt from this. These pages will need to be authorised by Facebook before they can modify links. Non-publisher pages will no longer be able to overwrite link metadata such as headline, description, and images in the Graph API or in Page composer as of today according to Facebook. 

Social continues to grow at the rate of an adolescent teen

Wait for it.  2.46 billion.

That is how many individuals, will access social networks at least once a month, up 8.2% from 2016.  That is one-third of the global population and 71.0% of internet users. This has been attributed to more mobile phone availability and mobile coverage expansion.

Then we have WeChat.  WeChat users in China are set to surpass 490 million – that’s half of the country’s population that’ll be using the app in 2017.

Remember when Facebook forced you to get the Facebook Messenger App? Prepare for more good news. The ads are coming.

Facebook has announced that it will be rolling out ads to the Facebook Messenger app in the US. As always Australia seems to be the forgotten child in this little experiment. We should be thankful for small miracles.

Facebook Spaces incorporates Facebook Live

Facebook Spaces, which was launched at F8 back in April has now incorporated Facebook Live, so people can carry out VR live streams. Comments will pop up in real time as viewers post them and will appear in the VR world as physical objects which can be grabbed and moved to be highlighted.

Social is listening. Never forget
Facebook appears to be testing a new ability to target audiences with ads on Facebook based on whether they have engaged with your Instagram business profile. You can also specify a time period within which this engagement happened.

LinkedIn tests a new mentorship scheme and we kind of love it

Are you ready for Tinder for your career? LinkedIn will match members with professionals who can give them career advice. It’s here where you can sign up to either be a mentor or a mentee. When you have entered your preferences, LinkedIn’s algorithm will offer up matches which you can swipe through and select. If both parties agree, you will be able to start talking.

Mazda makes car-crash Facebook ad

Mazda has created a full-screen Facebook ad that looks like a car crash to raise awareness about scrolling and driving. They used the same style behind the Facebook feed spider that freaked the hell out of just about everyone. Ahh technology, is there anything you can’t scare us with?

This post courtesy of @RashellHa