We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune Up

Meta is building a decentralised, text-based social network

Setting itself up to rival Twitter, Meta is in the early stages of building an app for people to post text-based updates. Meta plans for the app to be decentralised, meaning individual users will be able to set up their own independent servers and set server-specific rules. “We believe there’s an opportunity for a separate space where creators and public figures can share timely updates about their interests,” a Meta spokesperson said. The app, which is still under development, will allow users to login with their existing Instagram credentials.

Reddit gets a TikTok-style feature

Reddit has updated its feed by separating text and video content into two pages labelled ‘read’ and ‘watch’, meaning users will be able to flick between the two, depending on their mood. The feeds will include posts that users are subscribed to, as well as new suggested content, supposedly making the user experience easier, and discovery more seamless. Other Reddit updates include plans for its video player to let users “easily engage in conversations while watching” – watch this space.

Credit: Reddit

TikTok begins blocking links to app store pages from creators’ bios

Users will no longer be able to link to the app store in their TikTok bio – could this mean an evolution in campaign deals between creators and brands? What has been noted is the exception of accounts that have an advertising relationship with TikTok, although the recent announcement of the roll out of a ‘download app’ button will be available to all business accounts.

Spotify and Soundcloud are getting new TikTok-like features 

Spotify announced it is updating its personalisation technology and introducing a short form video feed. In an effort to make the user interface feel more interactive, the new homepage will look more like a video feed, which will of course lead to the possibility of integrating ads 😏 TikTok isn’t the only social media app Spotify are mimicking – it is also adding a new Instagram Story-style feature which will allow artists to add 30 second video clips to their profiles. These stories could serve the purpose of promoting new releases and offering behind the scenes content. The company has also launched ‘Spotify Clips’, which offers a timer countdown to artists’ new releases (why not throw a YouTube feature into the mix?) Soundcloud is following suit with similar features including a TikTok-howlike feed to introduce new artists and songs – are music streaming services moving towards a social media revolution?

Credit: Spotify

In other news

Messenger is returning to the Facebook app – more storage space for us! Instagram has added a ‘Shopping Activity’ page in settings 🛒 TikTok is emailing sellers about a new ‘Livestream ranking’ feature that will calculate scores and create rankings for fellow sellers to see how they’re performing against others, and to help consumers choose where to shop. Each seller will be given a score out of 100 based on shop, product, LIVE and video rankings.