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Meta Connect 2023: All the updates you need to know

Last week, Meta held its annual Connect conference, providing updates to its latest products and services. We’ve got you covered with all the news and upgrades to Meta’s hardware. They include:

Snap and Microsoft partner on ads in ‘My AI’

Snapchat is partnering with Microsoft as a new advertising partner for the ads it’s inserting into its AI product, My AI. The company in May said it would begin testing Sponsored Links in My AI — link suggestions that are paired with the user’s conversation with the AI helper. Snap and Microsoft will be partnering on link suggestions when users ask My AI questions like where to have dinner or where to go on a weekend trip.

X audio and video calls will be a premium subscriber-only feature

Last month, X CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed that video calls would be coming to the app. Now, new code in the X app reveals that both audio and video calls will be supported, but only available to those with an X Premium membership. The feature will allow X users to opt to receive both audio and video calls from other Verified users, from people they follow, or from people in their address book, depending on their selection.

Snap shuts down its enterprise services division

Snap is closing down a division of its company, AR Enterprise Service (ARES), designed to offer its AR expertise to enterprise customers. Announced in March of this year, the offering included a Shopping Suite for brands, a 3D viewer for looking at products, fit and sizing recommendation technology and an enterprise manager. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said that “the advent of generative AI has made it easier for companies of all sizes to create try-on experiences for their customers and made it harder for us to differentiate our offering.” The company made the decision that building up ARES would take “significant” investment and it couldn’t continue to fund those efforts.

The latest influencer marketing news

Olaplex has leaned into “dupe” culture, the consumer’s hunger for dupes to prove that some things can’t really be duped — many comments incredulously asked how this mystery brand was ripping off almost identical packaging and how they are claiming to use the same technology.

Forbes have revealed the top 50 influencers of 2023. Any surprises?

Nanoinfluencers give brands better ROI than Kim Kardashian. We’ve long heard small influencers (<10k followers) have better engagement rates and offer more content than mega influencers – here’s some data and thinking as to why you should throw more money at the little guys.

In other news

Meta is working on the ability to delete a Threads account without deleting the linked Instagram account. CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed X is losing daily active users. Reddit has announced a contributor programme that will award users money for their fake internet points. Now only eligible to those in the US, users will be able to convert their Reddit gold and karma into fiat currency.