'It Burns' in ASMR


To launch ‘It Burns’, the first ever Audible Originals series made in Australia, Audible needed a social idea that connected the podcast with new listeners who weren’t aware that the brand now commissions local stories - or even exists at all.

‘It Burns’, with Marc Fennell, is about the dramatic world of competitive chilli growing and eating.


To get people talking and more importantly listening on social, we leveraged the massive ASMR content trend. ASMR, or Auto Sensory Meridian Response, began as a niche content genre on social but has grown into a cultural phenomenon. It’s a bodily sensation triggered in some viewers when they’re presented with sounds or visuals that induce feelings of relaxation, primarily experienced as tingles.


We enlisted Fennell to create an ASMR video in which he tasted increasingly hot chillies while explaining the Scoville Scale, referenced in the podcast as the official metric for measuring the pungency of chillies. Marc narrated his eye-watering experience in high-definition audio, creating a video that elicited an effective response from an ASMR perspective, priming the audience for the fascinating true story of 'It Burns'.

  • 170K video views in the first week
  • Reached over 500K people and generated 870K impressions in first week
  • Helped Audible smash target figures on downloads