LEGO: The Snapchat AR Fashion Store


LEGO is known for bricks and play. But they’re not a player in the streetwear world. So when LEGO Wear decided to launch an exclusive range of adults clothes, we were tasked to drive demand for something they’re not known for. The aim of the campaign: to make the launch of this one off range a real ‘event’ for a whole new audience.


For the first time, LEGO Wear were targeting fashion-conscious young adults. We found they share a similar mindset with LEGO fans. They were brought up on LEGO. They have a latent affinity with the brand. They’re curious, interested in creative outcomes and don’t follow rules. Clothes are like LEGO building blocks for them: they see endless opportunities in a clothing rack.


Nothing says limited edition drop like a pop-up. So we created one that could pop up anywhere. Inspired by LEGO and the hippest streetwear outlets, we built a virtual fashion store completely created within an AR Snapchat lens.

Inside the store, customers were free to explore, interact with the DJ to change the music, hang with the shoppers and staff, check out the merchandise - and of course buy it. All in one seamless online experience.

The store went live at the start of London Fashion Week. On the day of launch, we also opened a real-world pop-up in central London, containing nothing but our Snapcode (the real store was pulled together in less than 2 weeks) creating a really unique and memorable link between the physical and digital worlds of retail.

  • Over 10 days, we sent 250,000+ shoppers through to the LEGO Wear site and accumulated over 15.8M impressions.
  • The lens was shared 37,201 times and drove 3x more swipe ups to the website than the Snapchat average.
  • The lens had an average play time of 19+ seconds.