As part of Optus’ continued mission to position themselves as an entertainment brand, we wanted to help them raise awareness of their data free streaming proposition, which allows customers to stream, on their mobile, services such as Netflix without sacrificing their data.

Armed with insights around this binge-watching generation, We Are Social gave fans new content to devour straight from their Newsfeeds with the brand’s first-ever Facebook Live. To maximise earned reach and engagement, we enlisted popular Aussie social influencers, Jackson O’Doherty and Shammi, to do exactly what Optus was encouraging consumers to do - watch more Netflix from the comfort of, well, anywhere!

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To prove that point, we popped the pranksters up in Sydney’s Central Park for 24-minutes of laughter, live streaming, and loads of fun with locals.

Sprinkled with pre-recorded stunts, the content had our influencers reenacting famous movie scenes from the Netflix catalogue, interacting with Facebook commenters and causing quite a comedic commotion in Central.

The hilarity was hosted on Jackson’s page and shared by both Optus and Shammi. The live received 1.4m impressions on Jackson’s channel alone, and another 311k between Optus and Shammi.

For those who couldn't catch it in #realtime, we recapped the experience in a series of highlight reels that ran on Optus’ channels and were shared by the influencers.

Overall, the campaign’s return on investment was impressive, to say the least, and it even sparked some attention around town with the likes of Mumbrella and others. 

Have a look, have a laugh, and leave a comment with your thoughts on live streaming!