Samsung Sessions


We wanted to get the latest and greatest Samsung mobile phones in the hands of photography lovers, showcasing the devices' epic camera and its advanced features.


78% of people say that recommendations from their family/friends/acquaintances are the most important influence on their purchasing decisions, so we decided to take Samsung enthusiasts with moderate social followings and turn them into passionate advocates - armed with the latest tech, and creatively inspiring product training.


Samsung Sessions is a program that allows our advocates to discover new and unexpected ways to use Samsung tech, and brings them together physically and online as a positive creative community.

Each Session begins with a photography workshop, giving our advocates practical skills to get the most from their devices. To inspire creativity among Samsung fans that missed out on the Sessions, we developed a series of educational videos. Our influencers offered their tips and tricks for shooting on their mobile devices and encouraged our audience on their quest for the perfect shot. Following each Session, we gave audiences a chance to show off their new skills in a UGC competition that had winners taking home the latest Samsung devices.
  • 1.5 million earned impressions on content created around Samsung Sessions.
  • 25% increase in earned mentions of Samsung on social