Samsung is known for being at the forefront of human-driven innovation. In 2018, they launched their greatest smartphone to date: Galaxy Note9.

With its all-day battery life, huge storage capacity, and intelligent S Pen, the device puts super powerful tech in the hands of people who demand more from their phone.

Samsung developed the phone with Next Generation Achievers in mind. Millennials who are always-on, ambitious, and always hustling for their dreams. Samsung wanted to help kindle that entrepreneurial spirit, and give them the confidence to move forward with their next big idea.  



Next Generation Achievers feel the need to carve out their own success when it comes to their careers. They’re not 9-5ers, and the traditional markers of success, like job titles, are no longer the definers of success for them.

They look up to their contemporaries who’ve succeeded in their ambitions, and follow them online for inspiration. To fulfil their dreams, they work long hours, from anywhere in the world. In the end, it’s those Next Generation Achievers who use every day wisely that break new ground.



To inspire Next Generation Achievers, we created a series of social-first films following three Australians who embody the spirit of ‘Do What You Can’t’. Individuals who’ve built businesses around their true passions.

We told the stories of award-winning surfboard designer Hayden Cox, accessory designer Poppy Lissiman and social enterprise co-founder Daniel Flynn.

Each of them talks about their Days of Note: defining moments in their professional lives. For Hayden Cox, it came when he was only 15. For Poppy, it was finding the courage to make a change in business strategy and for Daniel Flynn, it almost crept up on him, finding motivation unexpectedly while he was watching videos online.

As well as describing their Days of Note in the videos - shown across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn - Hayden, Poppy and Daniel share advice, challenges and personal reflections: giving their best advice for people who want to start their own businesses.

The content series tells stories of remarkable Australian entrepreneurs who had the courage to start, the resilience to keep going and the flexibility to adapt to changes. The series aims to inspire people to pursue their own passions.


Hayden Cox


Poppy Lissiman


Daniel Flynn



Supported by a hyper-targeted media campaign managed by Starcom, Australians of Note video content achieved a total of 19.5M impressions, 1.5M video views, and 100k engagements.

Additionally, the shorter version of these videos, specifically built for Facebook and Instagram, delivered the highest CTR and lowest CPC of the whole Galaxy Note9 launch campaign, achieving record high Video Completion Rates at 88%.

The clever retargeting of product messages to people who engaged with the Australians of Note content drove a high CTR of 1.4%, proving the efficacy of strategy and content.