The depletion of the earth's natural resources is a major problem which humanity must fight against. Today some active young citizens who will inherit the planet are determined to make their voices heard, but not all young people have the same awareness about the environment. WWF France decided to help them take action and to carry this message loud and clear among them, but how to engage a young audience, notoriously difficult to reach with traditional advertising?


Video games are one of the main media of conversation and creativity for young audiences today. And there is one game in particular, Fortnite, on which young people spend an average of 6 to 10 hours on each week and that best reflects the ecological issues of tomorrow: In-game, natural resources help players build and protect themselves from enemy fire, find shelter, move around the map.


WWF has created the first eco-friendly challenge on Fortnite: the #NoBuildChallenge. The rule is simple: players must proceed through the game without exploiting any natural resources even though their opponents can still use them. As finishing the game becomes extremely tricky, the players can share our message with a proof of experience: without the planet’s natural resources it’s going to be hard for us to stay alive.

The #NoBuildChallenge campaign was kickstarted on the Solary Twitch channel, one of the biggest French pro-gaming teams with 740,000 followers, before being broadcasted on Youtube. More gamers followed suit, creating a snowball effect.

  • 1,5 Million views on YouTube
  • 12 Million impressions on Twitter
  • Number 1 Gaming Trending Topic on Youtube the first weekend after its launch