Acer Predator ‘Summon your strength’

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Acer Predator Summon Your Strength case study

The Brief

Acer Predator is one of the most reliable gaming brands offering premium desktop computers and laptops. Acer wanted to celebrate the strength of the tribe of their Predatorverse (branded content universe) and highlight the range’s unique heat-battling technology, tackling a common problem for hardcore gamers.


Gaming has evolved from solely focusing on single-player achievements, to playing together with friends and joining a tribe. Esports and Let’s Play videos are making gaming into a social and immersive experience where the best moments are experienced together with others.


The spirit of Acer Predator 2019 Summon Your Strength video campaign is one of adventure and inclusiveness, the opportunity for gaming to offer adventure and a sense of community.

The video introduces all of the Predator Avatars as they’re pitted against an army of 5000 enemies and a powerful alien, calling on viewers to join the tribe. The video was released alongside an AR filter on Facebook that painted the faces of audiences, allowing them to see themselves as a member of the tribe.

The CGI-made video is packed with action to truly capture the intense moments only found in games.


Building brand love

We strengthened the bond between the Predator brand and its loyal tribe of gamers.

Engaging gamers authentically

The campaign generated a massive buzz in the gaming community with over 11 million online video views and 3 million clicks.

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