“Innovation favours the connected mind”
Steven Johnson, Author - Where Good Ideas Come From

The enlightenment in Western Europe was a fascinating period in the history of innovation, fuelled by coffee and the coffee houses where it was consumed. Prior to this, many of us were drunks who, because of water impurity, were more than happy with drinking weak beer to prevent the spread of water-based diseases.

The switch from booze to beans was happening primarily in coffee houses where experimental thoughts of philosophy, art and science would mingle. The concept of insurance was born in Lloyd’s coffee house. The work of Descartes, Voltaire, Kant, Spinoza and Newton all spread 'virally' at this time.

Innovation is driven by curious minds and We Are Social has a global team of inquisitive brains who are passionate about seeking out new ways of thinking happening in the world of tech, content, culture and business.

So we decided to create our version of the Enlightenment coffee shop, where we can get our inspiration in one spot.

We believe that people (not machines) are the ones qualified to curate the content that matters most. So with this in mind, we’ve created ‘Curiosity Stop’ - a monthly snackable report of all things innovative, aimed to interest, inform, and above all, inspire.

The ‘Curiosity Stop’ includes innovative and inspiring ideas from a wide range of sectors, ranging from technology to food, sport to finance and loads, loads more. These ideas provide the latest in original and innovative thinking, with examples such as ‘intelliCabin’ - BAE Systems' airline cabin of the future. It provides capabilities such as in-seat power, LED lighting, wireless tablet-based in-flight entertainment, and dimmable windows, all managed via a centralised attendant control panel or a crew handheld device.


Or Smarter Coffee, a Wi-Fi enabled coffee machine that allows you to brew the perfect cup of coffee from your smartphone, controlling strength, bean grinding and how many cups to make - and even wakes you up when your coffee's ready.

How about Goodyear’s electricity generating tires? They have the potential to change the effectiveness of electric cars in the future by charging them faster and more efficiently.


There are plenty more examples and exciting ideas like these included within the report to inspire innovative minds and to get the creative thinking flowing. So grab a coffee and flick through Curiosity Stop. We’d love to know what it makes you think about - and if you’d like to suggest any ideas, drop me an email.

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