We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #635


Twitter has officially changed its logo to ‘X’

Another day, another Twitter update. Today, Twitter has replaced the iconic bird logo with ‘X’ as its official logo. Elon Musk announced the change over the weekend, which is now already live on the website – although he did refer to this as an ‘interim logo’, so we could be seeing another change soon.

Musk tweeted that x.com now redirects to twitter.com, and that the platform will change the name of “tweets” to the letter “X”. After changing the name of the official Twitter account to ‘X’, Musk said the company will eventually “bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.”

TikTok’s new program aims to identify rising artists in the music industry

TikTok has announced it is launching a new program – ‘Elevate’ – that is designed to identify the next wave of rising artists in the music industry. It has also signed a licensing deal with Warner Music Group.

The new program is designed to help musicians create a lifelong career in the music industry. The company has selected a number of artists to participate in the programme, including both signed and unsigned artists, to provide them with resources for TikTok and IRL. Plans include the running of exclusive performances from each artist in their hometowns at locations that inspired their music, all filmed as part of an original content series available on TikTok.

Twitter to support long-form articles with mixed media

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, we heard very little about Twitter Notes, but now the feature is rumoured to be launching under the name ‘Articles’. Initially, Notes was going to allow users to gain access to a new ‘Write’ tab where they could write and access all their Notes, but Musk has responded to a Tweet referring to ‘Articles’, saying it will now “allow users to post very long, complex articles with mixed media. You could publish a book if you want”.

TikTok launches its music streaming service in Australia, Mexico and Singapore

More music related TikTok news! The company is launching ‘TikTok Music’, its new subscription music streaming service, in Australia, Mexico and Singapore, almost two weeks after launching in Brazil and Indonesia. TikTok is currently beta testing the service in these new markets, which lets users sync the service to their existing TikTok accounts and listen, download and share songs. 

In other news

YouTube has increased the prices of its Premium plan for individuals in the U.S., from $11.99 per month to $13.99 per month 📺 Twitter appears to be prepping a feature that allows verified organisations on the platform to post job listings on their profiles. Instagram is introducing updates to reels by launching a new “Template Browser” that will let users sift through templates by categories. Facebook has announced new video-related features today ranging from editing to discovery 📹