The Problem.

Owning a home and protecting your family is one of life's greatest responsibilities. So it's no wonder the high-tech boom to the security industry has caused people to leap aboard the train. Home security systems are selling into the billions each year and connected home security systems alone are on track to hit more than 15 billion within the next four years. And while security innovation is making families more comfortable, most brands spread fear. Lorex challenged us to harness the power of social to do the opposite. Find a way to stand out and create an emotional connection.

The Social Insight.

There is a stark difference between the purchase trigger for home cameras and post purchase behaviours. Concerned parents buy devices to prevent a threat, but our social research indicate a contrary mindset. We found many home cameras don't face cars, doors, and windows. They're turned on families themselves, acting as a companion to capture precious home moments. Parents are sharing these with their close community - baby's first steps, pets on furniture, children hunting candy, even topping their Christmas tree. We helped Lorex tap into this social insight to differentiate themselves within a very serious, alarmism category.

The Idea.

We partnered with parents that were about to embark on a family milestone: leaving their children in charge at home for the very first time! These were nervous moments but our brave parents found comfort from their new Lorex installations, giving them the confidence to step away. Our social campaign, Left in Charge, became a video series that captured families experiencing these apprehensive and exciting family moments that created mischievous surprises. Teasers, reveals and episodes were distributed across the parent's social channels, feeding their followers with highly relatable stories. And Lorex was there to amplify the brand's role and superior features as the perfect stepping stone to these precious home moments.

The Results.

In only two weeks, Lorex exceeded impression targets by +31.3%, generating 12.6 million in Canada alone. Impressively, engagement also broke records surpassing the benchmark by +33.3%. The results speak to a clever combination of influencer and media strategy working together, leveraging breakthrough creative that taps into a key cultural and social trend - people love to be entertained in social with family moments candidly caught by home security devices!