As the top tax prep solution in Canada, 1 in 5 Canadians file their taxes using Intuit’s TurboTax. But with new entrants eroding market share and customer churn from those moving into more complex tax situations, Intuit needed support in profiling its unique offering: direct, digital access to tax experts. We Are Social was tasked with harnessing the power of social to make a meaningful connection between customers and TurboTax Live experts.


Through a mixed research methodology, we uncovered a pervasive question. Why do we receive formal education on dissecting a frog and the parabolic equation, but not on how to do our taxes? A review of 45,000+ conversations on Twitter in Canada revealed that more than 1 in 10 Canadians wish they learned how to do their taxes. As such, taxes have become a very anti-social, and fearful experience.


We created In Your Corner - a social program that places experts and products when tax filers needed support the most. 

To respond to the discomfort people have talking about their taxes, we used social to ignite interest around what people crave the most - accurate advice. We kicked off the campaign and broke through newsfeeds with a high profile partnership with Melissa Grelo of CTV’s The Social that brought direct access to our tax expert. The duo appeared on a national broadcast followed by a four-part educational video series that saw Grelo interviewing a tax expert about Canada’s most common tax questions. We got into the weeds - answering tax and product questions using Q&A sessions across Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram and influencer feeds. We were there as Canadians started filing, jumping in at moments of confusion with expert support - offering free product access and free expertise. And when the global lockdown began we pivoted, and helped Canadians who were now #AloneTogether to file from home for the first time with product support, contesting, expert access and even a Spotify playlist to be in their corner and make it a confident experience! 


Our social program surpassed our most aggressive stretch goals, improving impressions by 258 index to previous year (IPY), share of voice by 148 IPY, and social sales - new product usage directly attributable to social - by 239 IPY. We are doubling down with In Your Corner in the upcoming tax season, catering to new behaviours coming out of Covid-19 to make taxes a more confident experience.