InterPride, European Pride Organisers Association (EPOA)

Global Pride Crossing


Pride Month – a celebration of equality, dignity, increased visibility and self-affirmation – had lost its biggest stage and moment of the year due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. With hundreds of physical Pride events forced to cancel, millions of LGBTI+ people lost a key opportunity to come together and celebrate who they are and what they stand for. The planned events by Interpride and EPOA were going to be consumption heavy and we wanted to find a way to empower community members to learn, connect with, and celebrate their identity just as they would any other year.


We quickly identified that the social aspect of the event was going to be dearly missed. That made us realize that the best platform to host the activation was not a social network, but a social game - because games are not only free from the barriers of the outside world, but games are places where self-expression and interaction are integrated by design.


Global Pride Crossing is a virtual Pride in the game Animal Crossing designed to keep the parade spirit alive and inspire all LGBTI+ individuals to be whoever they want to be. From custom avatars, to snazzy clothes, to shamazing venues, we provided everything one would need to create their own virtual Pride. We also teamed up with influencers, and invited global LGBTI+ communities to join in and express their identity. That’s how we turned a collective sigh into an all-time high.

  • The hashtag #GlobalPrideCrossing garnered over 25 million impressions within a short span of two weeks
  • Our gaming creators drove over 1 million minutes watched across Twitch, Facebook and YouTube
  • Close to 90 pieces of news coverage and 3.85 million coverage views, including features on Forbes, BBC, PinkNews and Hypebeast