As a premium entertainment brand, HBO partnered with us to produce ongoing creative and content-based moments to entertain and excite their community. For many clients, we source this content by facilitating ongoing agency and brand collaborative newsrooms, weekly creative brainstorms with lead-in inspiration from our insights and strategy team.


For Halloween, we devised a micro-campaign which leveraged a social listening insight around cosplay. We had found that HBO fans over index versus other category communities when it came to the popularity of cosplay within fan culture.


We ideated and created time-lapse video content that showcased the transformation of two cosplay micro-influencers & one HBO employee into unique versions of beloved HBO characters. We published the videos on Instagram Stories and had longer form tutorials available and linked via swipe up.


- Content generated over 1 million organic video views in just 48 hours
- This is one of the most engaged one-off content plays the brand has produced on social.