Bright - Calling All Will Smiths


Bright was the first major Netflix Originals movie. Will Smith’s involvement was the key selling point. We were briefed to create a campaign that was going to achieve fame, talkability and widespread appeal for Bright, shaped around Will Smith. But without a blockbuster marketing budget - and with only 5 minutes of Will’s time.


Movie-watching is changing. You don’t have to go to the cinema anymore. As a Netflix Original film, Bright could be viewed on phones, tablets and laptops in over 190 countries, released to everyone at exactly the same time. With that many screens launching simultaneously, the stars of the film struggle to do all the PR associated with a blockbuster film.


We got superstar actor Will Smith to recruit other (real) “Will Smiths” to promote Bright in Australia. He loved the idea and recorded a call out video for us, asking Aussie Will Smiths to stand in for him. We selected successful applicants and flew them to a secret location where we trained them to become ‘blockbuster Will Smiths’ ready to live up to their name. After completing the training, we dispatched them to promote Bright as Will Smith to the world’s media.One of our Aussie Will’s even made it to the L.A. premiere, appearing on the red carpet alongside Joel Edgerton.

  • 60 Will Smiths were recruited to promote Bright around the world
  • Netflix’s social content drove over 13 million impressions in Australia alone
  • Bright was one Netflix's most-watched pieces of original content ever