Queer Eye: 'Yass, Australia’


Our brief was to launch Season Two of Netflix’s Queer Eye in Australia with a local twist. Netflix needed a social idea that connected the unscripted show with a new audience while providing something for existing fans of the show. We had to make an American show resonate with Australians by creating a campaign that promoted it in a way that hadn’t been done before.


Queer Eye Season One provided us with lots of social conversation. From social listening, we learned the show had its own seriously quotable language - “Can you believe?”, “Strugs to func”, and “YAAASSSS, henny!” - that fans were incorporating into their conversations.


There’s a small rural town in New South Wales, Australia, called Yass.

Coined by the cast in Season One, “Yassssssss Queen” is a phrase synonymous with Queer Eye.

We connected the two in a local activation for the most “extra” play on words ever.

We created a custom episode of Netflix’s Queer Eye - exclusively for Australian social. “Yass, Australia” took the cast - The Fab Five - to the town of Yass (or, “Yassss!”) for their most ambitious makeover yet.

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