Samsung x Netflix Tidelands


Samsung wanted to engage Millennial women who are not customers, and to make current customers feeling proud to be associated with the brand and to own one of their products.


Millennial women are notoriously entertainment junkies, spending more time on Netflix than on any other platform, including Facebook, and they are always after something new to watch and talk about with their friends.


Samsung partnered with Netflix, one of the most loved brands amongst millennials, to bring Australian users exclusive access to Tidelands, the first Australian Netflix Original. They used the compelling underwater creative themes of Tidelands to create an engaging promotional campaign which rewarded existing Samsung customers and drove brand interest among non-customers. A fully immersive, mobile-first, augmented reality experience created a stunning submerged world for users to 'dive in', while joining a treasure hunt.

Aussies engaged with the Tidelands Facebook Messenger bot on their mobile device, where they could trigger the Messenger camera to be placed in the AR underwater scene. From there, they could search the world for broken pottery pieces used to reconstruct a mysterious vase for the chance to win Samsung and Netflix prizes every day.

  • 2.75m people reached
  • Over 3 in 5 users played multiple times
  • 7.1% partnership awareness lift amongst millennial women