We Are Social’s Tuesday Tweakup #41

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We Are Social
Facebook Gaming opens its Tournaments feature early
Facebook Gaming has given users early access to its Tournaments feature. The tool allows creators to host tournaments while livestreaming, and gamers can create, play and watch competitions in one spot. Facebook Gaming’s charity livestreaming tools also enable creators to use tournaments in support of important causes.

Facebook launches a messaging app for couples
With relationships now proving more complicated than ever, Facebook has launched a new app, called Tuned, designed to be a ‘private space for couples’. Partners can connect their Spotify accounts, set moods, send photos, postcards, voice memos and more.

Instagram revamps its IGTV app
Instagram has redesigned its stand-alone IGTV app in a move to help content creators and boost discovery. The new home page now features a popular creator at the top, as well as content from accounts the user follows, while the Discover tab mirrors Explore, showing users IGTV content that they might be interested in. In addition to the redesign, Instagram has also now made it possible for users to share a preview of the first 15 seconds of a video to their Stories, with the option of tapping to see more, rather than having to share the clip as a static sticker.

Instagram brings DMs to all desktop users
After initially starting to roll out its desktop direct message feature back in January, Instagram has confirmed that the feature is now officially available for everyone to use.

WhatsApp introduces new limit on message forwarding
In a bid to help slow the spread of misinformation around COVID-19, WhatsApp has introduced additional restriction on how frequently a message can be shared on its platform. From now on, any message that has been forwarded five or more times will face a new limit that will prevent a user from forwarding it to more than one chat (contact) at a time.

Snapchat marks World Health Day with new donation Lens
Last week, Snapchat celebrated World Health Day (April 7th) with the launch of its first AR global donation tool. The new Lens allows Snapchatters to scan 23 international currency notes across 33 countries, to triggers an AR visualisation of ways their donations can support the WHO’s immediate response efforts to the coronavirus pandemic. All donations go to the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Twitter changes data it’s sharing with advertisers
Twitter recently notified its users that it has removed a privacy feature that prevented the platform from sharing some private information – such as the tracking identifier for a user’s phone – with advertisers. From now on, that information will be shared by default, and can’t be turned off. The exception will be for users in the UK and Europe, who will have to opt in should they wish to let Twitter share more information about them.

Twitter sees conversations around gaming spike
Twitter has reported that it saw a 71% increase in gaming-related conversation volume in the second half of March, with video games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Final Fantasy ranking among the most talked about. This jumps up to an 89% increase in conversation volume in the US.

Pinterest adds several new ways to shop
Pinterest has released several new shopping features aimed at enabling retailers of all sizes – particularly small businesses – reach potential customers. The updates include: a new shop tab for search, allowing users to shop for terms like “spring outfits”, “kitchen remodel” and more; curated style guides based on searches such as “Living room”; and a ‘shop similar’ feature when users hover over Pins. According to Pinterest, searches for “helping small business” are up three times compared with two weeks ago.

Launched: ‘Do the right thing: the role of social in COVID-19’
More people are on lockdown than were alive in WW2. In order to help brands across the globe figure out how they can fit into this new routine that we’ve all been forced to accept, last week, we launched ‘Do the right thing’. It covers not only the changing landscape, but also the practical ways that brands can engage with their communities. Check out the full report on our website.