We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #526

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TikTok will warn you about videos with questionable information
The fact-checkers are out in force on TikTok. The platform will start to display warnings on videos that contain questionable information that cannot be verified, also warning users when they go to re-share those videos. The label reads “Caution: Video flagged for unverified content” meaning that a fact-checker looked at the content but could not certify whether it was right or wrong. TikTok is also cracking down on creators, warning them when a label is added to their video while also reducing the content’s distribution. This is part of the platform’s aims to tackle misinformation, a target that several other social platforms have been striving towards.

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Instagram rolls out ‘recently deleted’ feature
Are you too trigger happy when it comes to the delete button? Now Instagram is giving your content a second chance with its ‘recently deleted’ feature that allows users to review what they’ve got rid of and decide whether or not to restore it. Deleted items will stay in a folder for 30 days and, if not touched in this time period, will be permanently deleted. Stories are the exception, only staying in the recently deleted section for 24 hours before removal. This will be particularly handy for those targeted by hackers, as users will need to confirm that they’re the account owner either through text or email in order to permanently delete or restore content. So next time you have second thoughts about deleting that cute couple pic, Instagram is here to save the day.

Instagram is stopping people from posting feed photos to Stories
Re-sharing feed posts to Stories has become somewhat commonplace on Instagram, with users taking advantage of the feature to drive awareness and traffic to their content. However, it’s caused a headache for other Instagrammers, who have fed back to the platform to let them know that they want to see fewer replicated posts in Stories. The result? Instagram is now testing disabling the ability to share (and reshare) posts from your feed to Stories. Mixed feelings on this one from the platform’s users, so watch this space to see if it makes it past the testing stage.

TikTok starts roll out on Android TV
From the small screen to the big screen; TikTok is making a move to Android TV. TikTok on Android TV isn’t dissimilar to TikTok on your mobile; videos can play vertically in a scrollable main feed with access to specific categories of videos, and your profile is also available to browse. It is currently only available on devices from specific manufacturers and in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. It isn’t clear when the feature will be available more broadly, but with TikTok’s continuous expansion, we can’t help but think it won’t be long before it comes to your big screen.

Snapchat marks Black History Month with Bitmoji, creative tools and lenses
February marks Black History Month in the USA and to celebrate, Snapchat is highlighting the creativity of Black artists and lens creators by rolling out a host of in-application features and tools. Users will have access to Bitmoji, creative tools and lenses, as well as content from publishing partners including NBC News, which will be added to the app’s Discover platform. What’s more, Snap Original ‘The World,’ produced by Complex, will also return to Discover for its third season; the series follows the journey of athlete and activist Colin Kaepernick in his continued fight for equality and opportunity in the Black community. ‘Kaepernick vs. The World’ debuted on Saturday, and featured interviews with fellow activists and Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Arza.

Influencers told not to use ‘misleading’ beauty filters
Fake it til’ you make it is quickly becoming a thing of the past, as the UK Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that filters should not be applied to social media adverts if they exaggerate the effect of the product. This will affect influencers who use filters to transform their appearance in order to sell a product. Whether that’s bigger lips, shinier hair or longer lashes, filters can make reality seem unidentifiable, leading to content that is ‘misleading.’ The ruling means that ads that break the rules can be taken down and prohibited from appearing again, which is likely to damage the advertiser and influencers reputation. This decision is in response to the #filterdrop campaign started by Sasha Pallari, who hoped to see ‘more real skin’ on Instagram. For those filter loving social butterflies, this will force them to inject a bit more reality into their feed.

Everybody’s talking about Clubhouse
Whether you’re desperately looking for an invite or you haven’t heard about it at all, you should be paying attention to the most hyped platform of the moment; Clubhouse. The new social network is completely focused on audio and is the subject of our latest blog, where we take a look at what makes this platform so unique and what brands and marketers need to know about it. From the basics on how it works to new influencer marketing opportunities, we explain why this audio-based platform is the one to watch right now.

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Facebook kicks off ‘Black Makes A Way’ on-platform campaign
With US Black History Month in full swing, Facebook has released a new video named ‘Black Makes A Way.’ As part of the platform’s ongoing ‘More Together’ campaign, the video highlights diverse groups on Facebook that are using the app to celebrate the Black experience and advocate for change. Spoken word artist, Theresa Tha Songbird is featured on the video reciting her poem, ‘You So Black.’ Other groups featured during the video include Loving Our Natural Hair, Young Black Entrepreneurs, LBGTQ +Mom, Black Boys Cheer, Black Coalition of Dancers, Black Cyclist and Black Women Who Love Plants. With groups a key feature for Facebook, the video highlights how the platform can be used to unite communities and individuals under common interests and aims.

Ones to watch
Instagram is working on a TikTok-style vertical feed for Stories and Reddit is testing a full-screen video player.