We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #542

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Instagram’s Reels rolls out ads worldwide
Ads have, inevitably, landed on Reels globally. Up to 30 seconds long, users will be able to like, comment on and save the vertical ads, just like they can with other Reels content. Like the platform’s other advertising products, Reels ads will launch with an auction-based model. Ads have been tested in multiple markets already and early adopters include BMW, Louis Vuitton, Netflix, Uber and more.

Snapchat launches Creative Kit
Snapchat is giving a good deal to developers, who can now use viral content to directly promote their apps through the new Creative Kit feature. Developers can publish directly to Snapchat’s TikTok equivalent, Spotlight, with users able to browse content made on those apps and easily download them. It’s a win-win situation, as Snapchat gains more content on its platform while developers are rewarded with additional downloads if an effect they launch goes viral. Snap says it won’t take cut from the developers. 

Facebook helps group admins to get a grip on their communities
Is your Group getting out of hand? Facebook is here to help with a new set of tools aimed at keeping conversations from going off the rails. Among the new tools is a machine-learning-powered feature that alerts admins to potentially unhealthy conversations taking place in their group. There’s also the ability to slow down the pace of a heated debate, by limiting how often group members can post. With these new admin controls, it looks like Facebook fights are soon to be a thing of the past.

Instagram debuts group fundraisers
The more the merrier, right? Instagram has released its group fundraiser feature, allowing people to unite for a worthy cause. The platform hopes that the new feature will encourage a sense of community, with 100% of the funds raised going directly to the organisations selected. Want to get fundraising? Tap the create icon, select ‘post,’ choose an image and then tap ‘Add Fundraiser,’ which will allow you to choose a nonprofit that you want to raise money for. Click the share button and watch the donations come in!

Spotify launches Clubhouse competitor, Greenroom
Another Clubhouse competitor has hit the market. Spotify has launched Greenroom, with the feature allowing users to host live conversations about music, sports and culture. Unlike other launches, Spotify hasn’t unveiled an events schedule, instead allowing users to explore the new feature to figure out how best they’d like to use it. However, a creator fund is on its way, with people paid based on how popular their rooms are. The financial details are under wraps for now, but expect lots more information to be unveiled in the coming months as the platform works to attract people to Greenroom.

Snapchat honours black footballers with AR statues
Black footballers make up 25% of all professional players in England but were entirely unrepresented in statue form until ten years ago. Snapchat is addressing this imbalance by immortalizing absent greats with a series of augmented reality statues. Depicting four of England’s most influential Black footballers – Eartha Pond, John Barnes, Rachel Yankey and Viv Anderson – the virtual statues work as a silent tribute to the contributions made by Black sportspeople to the beautiful game. Developed in partnership with creator collective Kugali and anti-racism organisation Kick It Out, the Lenses work to educate Snapchatters on Black British history. How can brands do better to tackle racism in the sporting world? You can read We Are Social Sport’s guide here.

Why advertisers must work responsibly with trans talent
Earlier this month, our Global Head of Research & Insight Paul Greenwood sat down with co-founder of Not A Phase, Dani St James over on our Instagram Live. Discussing the healthcare disparities that trans individuals experience and how workplace can be more inclusive, amongst other topics, both Paul and Dani spoke to The Drum about the importance of working responsibly with trans talent. Read the full article here.

Social platforms unite to support COVID-19 vaccine drive
Vaccinations are well underway in the UK, and now leading social media platforms are working with the government to encourage young people to get jabbed. The move comes as the government opened up vaccinations to all over 18’s last week, with platforms like Snapchat unveiling new NHS stickers and filters, hoping to encourage users to take up the offering. Other platforms supporting the vaccination programme are Reddit, TikTok and YouTube.

Ones to watch
Ads are coming to Facebook’s Oculus and podcasts are coming to Facebook.