The Kaiser has landed.


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening.

Friday was my first day at We Are Social here in Germany. I was given flowers. It is actually quite difficult to describe just how happy and excited I am to be here. I met Bastian about a year ago and was surprised to hear that they had opened an office in my beloved Munich. Back then, Bastian was all on his own but when I bumped into him a year later he informed me that the Munich office was now twenty plus strong. Wonderful.

I first encountered We Are Social back in 2009. Robin, the founder, had been to one of my shows in London and was caught on film pronouncing that the evening had been very niche. Which it had been. From then on I kept an eye on what they were doing and when, finally, Bastian asked if I would like to join I jumped at the chance.

I’m not going to waste your time by telling you all of the things I am planning to do here because I’m just going to get on and do then. I will, however, say this; that I’m looking forward to all of the ideas, the stories, the characters and magic that I know we will make this year. The team is so talented here, it’s going to be amazing.

As Sacrum would have said, my pencils are sharpened.

P.S. Ich lebe so lang in Deutschland, man kann und soll von mir erwarten, dass ich Deutsch sprechen kann. Ist doch klar. Und weil es so klar ist, schenke ich euch mein Lieblingsvideo der Woche. Servus!