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Samsung #ToTheMakers case study

The Brief

We were tasked with differentiating Samsung, a historically functional brand, from competitors that have spent decades amassing brand love and cult-like status among millennials.


Technology has transformed millennials into a generation of makers – using nothing more than their creativity and their smartphones. How do they decide which smartphone? Our research showed millennials overwhelmingly rely on referrals when making purchasing decisions. And over 60% of them will try a product recommended by an influencer.


#ToTheMakers is a branded community of Samsung-using and loving influencers who spread the Samsung philosophy of Do What You Can’t and engage their audiences around Samsung products.


Driving business impact

Led to a 3% increase in brand preference for Samsung mobile.

Influence at scale

One of Australia’s leading brand influencers platforms.

Driving social engagement

Over 3.8 million engagements on social.

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