We Are Social’s Tuesday Tuneup


Meta is testing Facebook to Threads cross-posting

Meta is testing a cross-posting feature that would allow Facebook users to post to both Facebook and Threads at the same time – a feature originally created for Facebook to Instagram cross-posting. The feature not only helps content creators by removing the hassle of posting in multiple places, but also could give the Threads app a boost.

The test has been confirmed by Meta but it is restricted to iOS and does not include the EU. The test was spotted by Threads user @whimchic (Ljiljana Grujicic), and when tested, posts were automatically published to both accounts, but didn’t include any account information from Facebook or a flag that it was cross-posted.

Instagram expands its marketplace to eight new countries

Instagram is expanding its marketplace in eight new countries. The new markets that will get access to this marketplace include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, and Brazil. It will also invite Chinese export brands to connect with creators outside of China.

Image credit: Instagram

The marketplace helps brands match with relevant creators for campaigns through its machine learning algorithm. Companies can also manually search for creators. Since it began testing in 2022, the marketplace has been introduced to thousands of creators and brands. Over the next few weeks, Instagram will invite both brands and creators to join the marketplace in these eight new regions. 

Instagram tests interactive games for Instagram Lives

Instagram is testing new features for live-streams in its app, with selected broadcasters now able to select games that they can play with viewers in-stream. Options include a “This or That” prompt and a new “Trivia” game that is aimed to generate more engagement within IG live-streams.

Image credit: Instagram

Meta has been exploring more ways to make live-streaming a bigger consideration for IG creators, including the gradual expansion of its “Stars” live-stream donation program, and introducing new features to make it easier to go live using third-party tools.

Meta is forming a team to tackle deceptive AI content

Ahead of the EU parliament elections, Meta is forming an “EU-specific Elections Operations Centre”, which will identify potential threats and work to remove them in real time. This includes a host of methods aimed to tackle damaging AI content. 

Image credit: AP Photo/Thibault Camus, File

Meta will remove content that spreads misinformation, such as posts depicting violence or that is intended to suppress voting. It will also work with independent fact-checking organisations, adding warning labels to the content and reducing its reach. When it comes to AI-generated content, as well as using these prevention methods,  Meta is also working with the European Fact-Checking Standards Network (EFCSN) to help train fact-checkers on the best way to evaluate AI generated media. And, when content that doesn’t violate any policies, Meta will still label AI content as such to prevent confusion. 

In other news

Threads is testing in-app camera shortcuts and draft posts. TikTok expands its ‘Add to Music app’ feature in over 160 countries. WhatsApp adds formatting for lists, block quotes and inline code. YouTube updates channel pages on its TV app. Instagram is preparing a “Friend Map” feature. WhatsApp is working on an animated stickers feature.