We Are Social’s Tuesday Tuneup


TikTok is expanding its in-stream shopping options

TikTok is broadening its in-stream shopping options with a new feature that allows any object in any video to be made ‘shoppable.’ The feature is currently undergoing testing, and some users can now access a new toggle within the video upload process, enabling them to activate ‘Identify Similar Objects.’ When activated, TikTok will then identify objects in the videos, via its object identification AI.

Image credit: Lindsey Gamble

Instagram is creating a new ‘Friend Map’ feature 

Instagram is developing a new ‘Friend Map’ feature that will enable users to view the real-time locations of their friends. Users can customise their location-sharing preferences, choosing to share with everyone, mutual followers, their ‘close friends’ list, or no one at all. The feature will also incorporate a ‘Ghost Mode’ setting, allowing users to hide their last active location. Additionally, the map will permit users to leave ‘Notes’ for others to see.

Image credit: @alex193a on Threads

X adds live video to Spaces on iOS

X is introducing a live video option to its previously audio-only Spaces section in its mobile app. Spaces users will now have the option to ‘enable video’ when starting a new Spaces session. Hosts can use either their phone’s front or back-facing camera, supporting both landscape and vertical views.

The new Spaces feature is distinct from X’s existing live broadcast feature. Spaces works like a live chat room, so a Spaces video session will feature the host’s video, surrounded by smaller icons of any other speakers, co-hosts, or listeners. The feature is available on iOS but has not yet been seen on Android or web.

Meta expands is Creator Bonus program 

Meta is updating its Creator Bonus program by eliminating the previous restriction on how much creators can earn from the program per month. Previously, creators were limited to a maximum payout of $30,000 per month, but now, there is no upper limit.

Image Credit: Meta

Meta is expanding the availability of the program to new markets. While it was initially limited to Canada, the US, Australia, India, Mexico, and the UK, select creators in Europe, South America, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia may now be eligible for an invite. Alongside these expansions, Meta is also inviting creators to integrate Reels ads into their clips.

Instagram launches new safety alerts 

Instagram is adding new safety measures to protect users from suspicious activity. This includes introducing warnings that will alert users when Instagram detects interaction with a potentially impersonating account. Additionally, the platform will now provide alerts when users get tagged or mentioned by accounts they don’t follow, encouraging them to review and update their safety and privacy settings.”

Image credit: Instagram

In other news

Facebook is closing its News tab in Australia and the U.S. Threads is rolling out its trending topics to more users. X will soon show Pinned posts to all of followers. LinkedIn is adding additional AI-Powered options to its recruiter platform.