We Are Social’s Tuesday Tuneup


Threads is rolling out draft posts and an in-app camera 

Threads has introduced new features to save draft posts and take photos within the app. Users will be able swipe up whilst composing posts and save it as a draft. It is worth noting you can only have one draft post at any time.  

Image credit: Bloomberg / Gabby Jones / Getty Images

As for the ability to take pictures within the app, users can simply click the camera icon on the post composer. The shortcut aims to make it easier for people to share photos in the moment.

X introduces Articles to its Premium+ users

X has launched its new long-form post format – Articles. The feature, currently only available to Premium+ subscribers and verified organisations, lets users publish posts with videos, images and other X posts embedded within the text.  

Image credit: Matt Cardy / Contributor / Getty Images

While Premium+ users can post up to 25,000 characters on X, article posts are even higher with 100,000 characters. Users can also add bullet points and hyperlinked text. Article posts will also feature an Articles icon, distinguishing them from regular X posts. 

Instagram updates its messaging options 

Instagram is introducing the ability for users to edit their direct messages up to 15 minutes after sending them. This will allow users to have more control once they hit send – to fix a typo, for example, or change the wording of their message if it doesn’t quite sound right.

Image credit: Instagram

Instagram also announced that people will soon have the option to pin up to three messaging threads to the top of their inbox. The feature can be used to quickly access chats that are most often visited or as a reminder to reply to a message at a later date.

Telegram launches business accounts 

Telegram has announced that users with personal accounts can now convert them into business accounts by paying a monthly fee. Features of business accounts include the ability to list information such as location and opening hours, organise chats with colour labels, set up automatic greetings and replies, and create shortcuts for quick responses. Telegram also plans to launch more business features including an integrated AI-powered chatbot for customer service.

Image credits: Thomas Trutschel / Photothek / Getty Images

In other news

X will soon remove the Like, Re-Post and Reply buttons in-stream. Instagram is testing auto-playing carousels in the Reels feed. Reddit launches new organic social tools. Instagram launches a secret emoji game in DMs.