We Are Social’s Tuesday Tuneup


TikTok rolls out search tool for creators

TikTok is rolling out a new analytics tool called “Creator Search Insights”. The new element will provide creators with information about what users are searching for in the app, so they can match their content to audience interests. 

Image credit: TikTok

Creators can also filter the results by topic and search for ‘gap topics,’ which are subjects that are frequently searched for but aren’t featured in many videos. TikTok says that Search Insights is available in selected regions, with further expansion coming soon.

TikTok has also announced changes to its Effect Creator Rewards program, which rewards creators for effects made in its AR platform. Previously, creators needed an effect to have been used in 200,000 videos within 90 days for the effect to start collecting rewards. But, TikTok has lowered this to just 100,000. But, while eligible videos used to include both public and private ones, TikTok has updated this to just public videos. The program is also expanding to 33 new regions, making the program now available in 53 regions globally. 

Snapchat tests option to opt-out of auto-delete messages

Snapchat’s disappearing messages are arguably one its most-known features. But, it’s announced a significant new update which will enable Snapchatters to opt-out of the auto-delete feature. 

Image credit: Snapchat

The new option would enable users to select “Never delete” in their messaging options. Conversations in the app will continue to auto-delete by default but, with more people using Snapchat as their go-to messaging platform, the option is designed for those who may want to be able to keep a longer history of their chats.

Pinterest has released its ‘body type ranges’ tool in the US

Pinterest has released its body type tool in the U.S. Users can now select the “Body Types” option when typing in the search bar to view the four different body types at the top of the results page. If a user selects the same option twice, the body type selection can be saved to their device.

Image credit: Pinterest

As part of the launch, Pinterest now features size-inclusive brands on its search landing page. While its body type range feature is currently only available for women’s fashion and wedding ideas, Pinterest plans to expand to men’s fashion later this year.  

In other news

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