Helping Uber Eats #BringIt on Twitch

Client work
Twitch is considered one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world, with over one million people concurrently streaming at any one time. Plus, since the start of the lockdown, streaming on the platform has seen a rapid surge in growth, with over three billion hours of content being watched.

So, to help Uber Eats tap into this booming platform and spread some love among the gaming community, we teamed up with two of Twitch’s biggest streamers – Manny and Miniminter – to reach out to and help champion some of Twitch’s smallest streamers. 

Using Twitch’s ‘raiding’ feature (when a streamer directs all their viewers to another person’s stream), Manny and Miniminter dropped in on unsuspecting gamers over a series of live matches – with zero warning. Together they opened these little-known streamers to thousands of viewers and a lot of love and engagement, at a time when they needed it most. 

The result? More viewers than they’ve ever experienced in all their hours/days/years put together streaming on Twitch and a rollercoaster of emotions. We saw tears, laughter, disbelief and shell shock – so much so that one girl read out her unique Uber Eats voucher code live to everyone watching! We blew their minds.

The raids, which saw Miniminter and Manny surprise 15 gamers over the course of two streams, were part of a pre-promotion – supported with a takeover of the Twitch homepage and an always-on content strategy – all building up to the grand finale taking place tonight at 8pm (BST).

During the finale, Miniminter and Manny will compete in a ‘best of three’ FIFA showdown. But we’re giving their followers a chance to play with their heroes. Using FIFA’s Pro Clubs mode, the two teams will be made up of 20 lucky viewers who will each control a player.  

The winning team will receive Uber Eats vouchers and untold glory. With the leader of the losing team facing a spicy challenge from new London chicken shop Hot Chick – live on the stream. There will also be a few more surprise raids in store too.

While Twitch is still a relatively underrepresented platform when it comes to brand consideration, gamers are no longer niche groups and Twitch has grown a sizable and highly engaged audience in a fairly short space of time. The younger demographic of Twitch’s key players means they were born into a life surrounded by technology. They’re born social, so they provide an exciting opportunity for brands because they possess a far greater social reach and understanding than traditional influencers. 

The platform now offers brands huge opportunities to connect with a wide range of consumers in a single place, and it’s great to see them starting to play on emerging platforms – like Twitch – and experiment with existing culture and behaviours.

To learn more about getting your brand on Twitch, sign up to our Twitch 101 webinar at 9:30am (BST) on 4th June. 


Gareth Leeding is Executive Creative Director for We Are Social in London.