We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #519

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Reddit reveals its daily active user count for the first time
Reddit has revealed to the Wall Street Journal that it now has 52 million daily users, and that its daily usage grew 44 per cent year-over-year for October. Previously, Reddit has focused on monthly usage, and this time last year said it had 430 million monthly users, with 30 per cent year-over-year growth.

YouTube adds new features to its Premieres option
YouTube has announced three updates to its Premieres option for artists, creators and publishers, after seeing growth of more than 85 per cent in daily Premieres since March 1st. The new tools include Live Redirect – which enables creators to host a livestream as a preshow prior to a Premiere; Trailers – pre-recorded hype videos of 15 seconds to three minutes that will be played on the watch page; and Countdown Themes – customisable countdown videos that play prior to Premieres. Live Redirect and Trailers are already avaialbe, while Countdown Themes will be available in the coming months.

WhatsApp introduces custom wallpapers and boosts stickers
WhatsApp has, at long last, introduced a new feature which will enable users to set custom wallpapers for different chats, so that users never need worry about sending the wrong message in the wrong chat again. In addition to which, the messaging app has also said it is making it easier for users to quickly search and find stickers with text or emoji or browse through common categories. Sticker creators are being urged to tag their stickers with emojis moving forward, so that their stickers become more easily searchable for WhatsApp users.

YouTube asks commenters to rethink offensive messages
Following in the footsteps of other social media platforms, YouTube – in a move to combat offensive comments that appear under videos – has announced it is launching a new feature that will warn people when they’re going to post a comment that may be offensive to others, giving them the option to reconsider before posting.

Twitter calls time on threaded replies and twttr
Twitter has confirmed that it will be ending its experiments with threaded replies after user feedback said the format had it “harder to read and join conversations”. As part of its focus on improving the conversation experience on the platform, Twitter is also shutting down its beta app, twttr, designed for experiments like threaded replies.

Ones to watch
TikTok is reportedly rolling out the ability to record videos up to three minutes in length; while Bloomberg has reported that the Trump administration won’t enforce its own deadline for ByteDance to sell the platform business in the US, “while the discussions continue.”