Senior Designer (Luxury car brand, basic english skill is required)

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The role

* 此岗位为上海fulltime岗位,服务于顶奢跑车客户,有汽车服务经验,懂车爱车的候选人优先。英文需要能进行简单的口语沟通。

1、视觉大师,有优秀的art sense,对构图、色彩、图像、字体等有自己独到的见解。



4, 熟悉双微排版,有过拍摄或跟拍经验

*This position is a full-time position in Shanghai, serving top luxury sports car clients. Candidates with automotive service experience and a passion for cars are preferred. English language proficiency for simple oral communication is required.

1. A visual master with excellent art sense, possessing unique insights into composition, color, imagery, typography, etc.

2. Capable of independently completing artistic work in projects, accurately conveying the intended creative content.

3. Clear-minded, willing and able to articulate one’s own creative ideas and designs clearly.

4. Familiar with layout design for social media platforms(WeChat/Weibo), with experience in photography or videography.



2、2年以上social 领域工作经验,有一定retainer执行经验。对社交媒体平台和用户行为有深入了解,能够根据不同平台特点进行视觉内容的优化和定制。






1. Major in visual communication-related fields.

2. More than 2 years of work experience in the social media field, with certain experience in retainer execution. In-depth understanding of social media platforms and user behavior, capable of optimizing and customizing visual content according to the characteristics of different platforms.

3. Prior experience in simple videography for light luxury brands is preferred; limited knowledge of the automotive industry and luxury car market.

4. Observant of life, curious about everything in the world. Willing to take on challenges and proactive.

5. Proficient in design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, with basic hand-drawing skills.

6. Good work attitude, strong sense of responsibility, excellent teamwork skills. Please attach personal works/portfolio with the resume.


  • Experience a global and multicultural work environment.
  • Enjoy flexible working hours.
  • Work with renowned global clients.
  • Join a pet-friendly company.
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