We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #630


Meta previews generative AI tools coming to WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

At an all-hands meeting, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced several AI technologies in various stages of development, including AI chatbots for Messenger and WhatsApp, AI stickers, and other tools that would allow photo editing in Instagram Stories, in addition to internal-only products. The news follows last month’s announcement of testing tools that use AI to generate image backgrounds and variations of written copy for their ad campaigns.

Meta has also announced it’s planning to host an internal AI hackathon in July that focuses on generative AI, which could result in new AI products that eventually make their way to Meta’s users.

LinkedIn is the next social network to offer AI-powered tools for ad copies

LinkedIn has announced it is developing AI-generated Copy Suggestions that use advanced OpenAI GPT models. The model will leverage data from your LinkedIn Page and Campaign Manager settings, like objective, targeting criteria and audience, to suggest ad headlines and copy to help jumpstart campaigns. The tool will provide five headlines and copy recommendations that you can select from and tweak, should you need to. The feature is currently in a test phase and available to some customers in North America, but Linkedin is planning to roll out to more users after further testing. 

Credit: LinkedIn

TikTok expands its ‘Series’ paywall feature to more creators

TikTok’s ‘Series’ paywall feature, which was launched in March to select content creators, is now available to users in 94 countries. The feature allows creators to lock a “Series” of exclusive content behind a paywall, which can include up to 80 videos. Series lets users earn up to $190 on their collection of videos, and allows them to post videos up to 20 minutes long (as opposed to the regular 10 minute video limit). 

To qualify for the feature, creators must be 18 or older, live in one of the selected regions, have 10K followers, and must have posted three public videos and reached 1,000 views in the last 30 days.

Twitter increases window to edit tweets to one hour for Blue subscribers

New with Twitter Blue – subscribers are now being given a one hour window to edit their tweets, instead of 30 minutes. Twitter Blue users can still use the undo tweet function, which allows them to cancel posting within 30 seconds of clicking on the send button.

In other news

Remember Tumblr? The forgotten platform is making Twitter-style updates to its dashboard and TikTok is testing a text-only post option 🔤