We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #653


Threads could be coming to the EU soon

Meta is reportedly preparing to launch Threads in the EU this month – but with a few alterations due to EU regulations. For example, Threads may offer a view-only mode that does not require an account to use it. The EU has strict guidelines around data collection, so if and when Threads progresses its monetisation plans, this would need to be taken into account. 

Threads is also expanding its keyword search feature to all markets where the app is available. The feature, initially tested in English-speaking markets, will now be “supported in all languages.”

Threads currently has less than 100 millions monthly active users. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to get this to a billion users in a few years. Could launching in the EU, plus the newly added search-capabilities, be the boost the platform needs?

TikTok launches artist accounts 

Last week, TikTok launched artist accounts on the platform. These accounts can be activated by any musician and they come with tools to help reach new fans, while increasing engagement with existing ones. 

Tools include a Music tab which holds an artist’s catalogue, and the Behind the Song feature gives fans a glimpse into the making of the music. The ‘New Release’ tag also lets artists highlight new releases up to two weeks before their release and 30 days after. South Korean boy band BTS trialed the feature this summer, using it to promote their single Take Two.

YouTube rolls out multiple platform updates 

YouTube is updating its Product Drops feature on its live streams. Up until now, Product Drops have only been available to creators that have connected a Shopify store or use the Google Merchant Center. But now, these Product Drops are available to “any creators who have connected to their first party stores, or are participating in the YouTube Affiliate Program”. YouTube will also now enable creators to implement Product Drops at any time during a live stream, eliminating the previous pre-planned requirement.

YouTube is also adding some new revenue analytics options including “Total Members” insights and “Where Members Joined From”. It is also adding new data on why users cancelled their membership within the insights tab in YouTube Analytics. 

Finally, YouTube’s experimenting with a new format for its TV app. It will include bigger buttons to access different elements, and further customise the YouTube experience on the bigger screen.

Reddit updates its ad formats

Reddit has launched two new ad formats into its Conversation Placement ad space – the ads that appear within a Reddit conversation thread, appearing below the original post and above the first comment.

Firstly, there is a fresh new format in Carousel ads. These will feature a new design that allows brands to showcase up to six images or GIFs, each with its clickable link leading to targeted landing pages. Reddit is also updating its Product Ads feature – which allows advertisers to build ads directly from their existing product catalogues into Reddit – so that it’s available on the Conversation Placement ad space.

X turns to small businesses, after Musk lashes out at advertisers

After Elon Musk’s strong words for advertisers last week (which are not printable in this newsletter!), even more major brands have pulled advertising from the platform. And while Musk threatened that the boycott would ‘kill’ the company, X now seems to be turning to smaller businesses to fill the ad space gaps. A spokesperson told the Financial Times ‘that targeting SMEs was “always part of the plan”. 

In other news

YouTube launches more than 30 mini games for premium users. Google’s launches .meme domain. Judge blocks TikTok ban in Montana citing free speech. And, Whatsapp is testing an update that will allow users to share their status updates to Instagram Stories directly.