Five Friday Facts #10


Here’s our Five Friday Facts for the week!

Singaporeans’ online and mobile safety habits
Mobile is going to take off even further this 2012, but its upsurge is accompanied by mobile safety concerns. Even though nearly 70% of Singaporeans think using a mobile device for online transactions is faster and more convenient, 61% are worried that their financial details will be at risk if they lose their mobile device. 57% feel that it is difficult to process mobile transactions because of websites that are not mobile-enabled or take too long to load. 48% believe that mobile devices do not have sufficient security features installed as well. These mobile safety concerns will likely dictate how brands make online and mobile payments easier and safer for customers this year.

China has more than half a billion Internet users
The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) revealed that China has already hit 505 million Internet users, ensuring that nearly 40% of its citizens have access to the web. Back when we published the Social, Digital and Mobile in China report last year, China had 485 million Internet users and a penetration rate of 36%, which indicates an impressive growth within a few months.

Facebook expected to hit 1 billion users by August 2012
According to projections by digital marketing agency iCrossing, Facebook will reach its 1 billion users milestone by August this year. Strong growth in emerging markets such as India and Brazil, where Orkut used to be the top social network, will contribute to the increase in new users even as growth reaches saturation in countries like US and UK.

Google+ users in India to get free Wi-Fi access to the service
Users of Google+ in India will be able to log into the social network for free through Wi-Fi provided by O-Zone Networks. This will allow users unlimited usage of Google+ and 10 minutes of free access to YouTube per week. Access to other websites will have to be paid for, which may still be a cheaper alternative to a mobile data plan. O-Zone currently has 5,000 Wi-Fi access points across India, and aims to reach 50,000 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide by 2013. Even as Google benefits from this move by the increased adoption and usage of Google+, this initiative will also help promote the use of Wi-Fi as mobile uptake continues in India. Currently, 59% of Indian Internet users only access the web via mobile devices, and we will definitely see this figure increase alongside the widespread availability of Wi-Fi.

Foursquare takes its check-ins to the web with ‘Explore’
Foursquare has pulled together its 1.5 million check-ins, “tens of millions” of tips, and over 500,000 lists for its new ‘Explore’ offering from its mobile application to the web. Explore is essentially a community-driven and social version of Google Maps, but with information, pictures and tips of the venue. We can’t wait to see how this takes off in 2012.