Most Valuable Social Media Brands 2012


Brand Value Rating Agency BV4 and the department of Social Media Management of the HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich have created the first ranking of “The Most Valuable Social Media Brands 2012“, which examined both the qualitative and monetary value of 50 social media brands. Some of the qualitative measures looked at not only the high number of unique visits, but also the brands’ level of global awareness and the size of their user base.

It’s no surprise then that Facebook is deemed the most valuable social media brand in the world, with an estimated brand value of $29.115 billion. This could be attributed to its 845 million international userbase and its position as the top social network in most countries except China, Russia, Vietnam, and South Korea to name a few. The top 3 spots are all taken by American platforms, with YouTube in second place with an estimated brand value of $18.099 billion and Twitter in third with $13,309 billion.

It’s notable that China has three of its local social media platforms in the Top 10, namely social networking site Qzone, which claims 552.1 million active Qzone user accounts, as well as microblogging platforms Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo, which have 250 million and 300 million registered users respectively.

Looking through the list of 30 most valuable brands listed in the rankings, it appears that non-US social media brands, in particular those from emerging markets such as China, Russia and Brazil, are penalised because they fail to fulfil the “global awareness” criteria – in fact, they are termed “exotic” brands within the report itself. We don’t necessarily agree with this though, what’s your take on this?

Download the report here.

Thanks to Resonance China for bringing our attention to this infographic!