APAC represents 25% of Facebook users


Socialbakers regularly reports on the top performing Facebook pages, ‘Socially Devoted‘ industries and their best performing brands. This time, they have taken a deep dive into the Asia Pacific region. Statistics show that out of the 901 million Facebook users, a good 27% i.e. 240 million monthly active users reside in Asia and Australia. The largest number of Facebook users come from India, Indonesia and the Philippines. The study which was done over a one-year period between July 2011 and July 2012 reveals that South Korea’s active user base grew by a massive 94% while Hong Kong’s active user base saw a 1% decline.

Socialbakers have shared the breakdown of top performing industries, brand pages with the largest fan base, and fastest moving brands for two of the countries – Australia and Singapore. The Aussies are evidently a patriotic bunch, having demonstrated strong nationalistic pride by making the ‘Australia’ Facebook page their largest brand page. Many home grown brands also feature in the Top 3, such as Quiksilver and UGG Australia. In Singapore, while education does not appear to be one of the top performing industries, it is interesting to note that Nanyang Technological University has taken its place amongst the fastest moving pages.