The State of Blogging in 2012

Simon Kemp

Over the past few years, as shorter-form social media like Facebook and Twitter have captured an increasingly large share of people’s online activities, blogs seem to have received much less attention than they did 4 or 5 years ago.

However, we’re noticing a resurgence in the relevance of blogs to brands, albeit those harnessing a different approach to the ones we were used to in the second half of the last decade.

This rekindled interest has come about largely because blogs continue to offer a great way to share richer forms of content and build more intense experiences for audiences, and they’re also a great way to offer content that audiences can repurpose and share between themselves.

The infographic below presents some interesting stats on the current state of blogging in the US, particularly the diversity of languages US bloggers use.

However, we’re looking forward to seeing how the role of blogs evolves in the coming months here in Asia, and how it will enrich the broader social media journey.

Infographic by courtesy of Jeff Bullas