Top Facebook Pages in Asia, August 2012


SocialBakers has published its latest edition of Top Facebook Pages around the world for August 2012. Here’s a selection of infographics on some of the Asian countries – India, Indonesia, The Philippines, Pakistan and Malaysia.

India is consistent in adding 2 million new Facebook users every month, going strong with the title of third largest nation on Facebook.

Indonesia, the most populous country in Southeast Asia, is also the largest nation on Facebook in the region. Whilst Acer Indonesia continues to lead the way as the most socially devoted brand in the Technology sector worldwide, Garuda Airways has topped the charts for its remarkable engagement last month. Indonesia saw 2 million of its Facebook accounts deleted last month when Facebook was actively getting rid of illegitimate accounts. However, within a month, the country has achieved a healthy growth and brought its numbers back up.

The Philippines’ Airline industry is doing exceptionally well with 3 out of the top 5 socially devoted brands in the country coming from the Airline industry, namely, Cebu Pacific Air, AirPhil Express and Zest Air.

Malaysia, to our surprise, continues to add a million new users to Facebook every month. The social networking site, despite being well penetrated in the country, is still seeing healthy growth month-on-month.

Pakistan is evidently seeing slower growth than most emerging markets with only 100,000 new Facebook users joining the social network every month compared to the rapid growth for other markets in the region.