We Are Social is a Tumblr A-List Partner

Simon Kemp

As you might have seen in Adweek or Marketing Interactive last week, Tumblr has just debuted its A-List Partner Program, naming We Are Social as one of only 3 agencies with a participating presence in Asia.

Tumblr is a powerful social media platform for brands, allowing them to communicate with global audiences in unique and creative ways. The platform already hosts more than 80 million blogs and 34 billion posts, and each day its users create more than 70 million new posts.

The A-List Partnership Program has been designed to help brands work with the best partners to get the most out of the Tumblr platform, equipping participating agencies with the right advice, resources, and tools to give their clients the ultimate Tumblr experience.

We Are Social already has some great experience using Tumblr, but this new alliance means we’ll be able to offer our clients even more specialist knowledge of the platform and how it can benefit them.

Critically, it provides us with extended access to Tumblr’s strategists, API teams, and Firehose data. This access enables us to offer our clients richer analytics and deeper insights, ensuring we can accurately measure the performance of their social activities, and continuously optimise the brand’s content and approach to deliver enhanced reach and engagement.

What’s more, we’re implementing the partnership across all 8 We Are Social offices, bringing the optimum global Tumblr experience to clients in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Munich, Singapore, Sydney and São Paulo.

Rick Webb, Marketing and Revenue at Tumblr:

We couldn’t be happier with the early success brands have had using Tumblr to tell their stories, and we’ve been honored to work with some of the most creative and talented agencies around the world.

We’re so excited to step up our service and to offer these great partners another level of the Tumblr experience.