Top Facebook Pages in Asia, October 2012


SocialBakers have published their latest edition of Top Facebook Pages around the world for the month of October. This month, there are some new features added to the infographics – average engagement rate, response time, average response rate and top brand pages by number of admin posts. Whilst the top pages might have high engagement rates and response rates, it is a better gauge to compare that with the average across the different brand pages from each country. Here’s a selection of reports on some of the Asian countries including India, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan and Hong Kong.

India has garnered 4 million new Facebook users in the month of October. At the time of writing, there were 60,545,100 Facebook users in India, which is only 120,640 shy of beating Brazil. At the rate that India is growing in terms of Facebook users, it would be of no surprise if it takes the second spot after the United States by the end of November. Average response rate stood at a low 29%, which goes to show that many brand pages still do not have a solid social strategy that directs the page owners to be more responsive to fan posts and questions. 

Indonesia, having added 2 million new fans in the month of October, continues to grow steadily.  Whilst the engagement rate for the top five brand pages range between 0.4% and 1.2%, the average engagement rate across the different brand pages in the country stands at a mere 0.086%. This gap in the average engagement rate reflects that fans are not engaged across Indonesian brand pages in general.

The Philippines has not grown much in recent times upon reaching 30 million Facebook users. This is because the country already has a Facebook penetration of 101% of its online population.

Similarly, Thailand has also reached a stage of saturation with 99% of its online population on Facebook. Also, unlike most Asian countries, Thailand has greater response rates on its brand pages with an average of 64% of fan posts and questions being responded to.

Malaysia comes in second to Thailand with a relatively higher response rate than the other Asian countries. The average response rate for brands stood at 53%.

Pakistan is showing slow but steady growth. With Facebook penetrating only 41% of its online population, Pakistan continues to see growth in numbers.

Hong Kong is a market that is only being analysed in recent times by SocialBakers with last month’s report being the first of its kind. With top brands such as Volkswagen HK, Hennessy HK and Nike HK garnering high page engagement, the average engagement rate of brand pages in Hong Kong proved to be the highest amongst the other Asian countries reported.