Top Facebook Pages in Asia, Nov 2012


SocialBakers have published their latest edition of Top Facebook Pages around the world for the month of November. Last month, many new features were added to the infographics. Again, there are a couple of new features this month, including change in engagement rate from the previous month and top content from each country. Here’s a selection of reports on some of the South Asian and Northeast Asian countries – India, Pakistan and Hong Kong. Watch this space for the Southeast Asian reports later this week.

India continues to lead Asia with 61 million Facebook users. Top content for the country reflects the nation’s passion for Cricket, with two of the three best performing posts being photos of Cricket athletes. The post that had the most interactions received 61,000 Likes, 12,000 Comments and 3,100 Shares. The second most engaged post was from the brand page Cadbury Celebrations. Everyone loves chocolates obviously. The Children’s Day post garnered 54,000 Likes, 1,975 Comments and 17,000 Shares. The number of Shares definitely made the brand page one of the most talked about page for the month. While Indian marketers are seizing the opportunity to engage with fans on Facebook, response from most brands is still rather low. The average response rate is at 36%, which goes to show that brands still have some way to go in responding to answers or comments from their Facebook audiences and deepening the relationship further.

Pakistan on the other hand is slowly but surely growing. It has gained 300,000 new Facebook users last month. The mobile and telecommunications sector has penetrated the social media scene pretty well in Pakistan, with the three most engaged brand pages in the country hailing from this industry. All three best performing posts were also from the aforementioned brand pages, as shown below. Noticeably, the response time in Pakistan is way below the recommended benchmark for the industry. The top 5 pages with the best response times included pages where the response took as long as 43 hours, which equates to more than 5 working days.

Hong Kong is a well penetrated market when it comes to Facebook and hence, the numbers are starting to plateau off with a small 0.31% monthly growth.  Shopping malls like Harbour City have captured Facebook users’ attention with their organised events featuring celebrities this festive season. The most engaged post in November was a post depicting celebrity moms that garnered 40,000 Likes, 233 Comments and 3,590 Shares.