Social Service: Where’s The Love?

Simon Kemp

We spotted the interesting infographics below – from software firm Synthetix and  Salesforce’s Desk team – over at Econsultancy.

The data themselves don’t offer any surprises, but given that it seems obvious people would like more online service options, the infographics’ findings beg the question: why aren’t companies investing more time, effort and resources into developing powerful social customer service functions?

The economic advantages have already been proven by activities such as Best Buy’s Twelpforce, which delivered multi-million dollar benefits in reduced customer service costs:

However, as this chart from emarketer shows, most companies still handle very few of their customer service activities through social media channels:

So what’s holding companies back from getting more involved in Social Customer Service?

Is it purely a case of inertia, or are fear and financial commitments the main barriers?

Have you experimented with social service? If so, what was your experience and what would you share with others?

Synthetix’s Infographic

Desk’s Infographic