Top Facebook Pages in Asia, Feb 2013 [Part 1]


SocialBakers has published its latest set of infographics on the Top Facebook Pages around the world. Here are a selection of reports from the Asean countries.

Indonesia’s Facebook numbers continued to drop a hefty 2 million following the clearing up of fake profiles. It is noteworthy that Indonesia has a Facebook penetration of 198% of Indonesia’s online population, reflecting that an average netizen would have more than one Facebook profile.

Thailand’s Facebook numbers have remained constant for a while now. However, as mentioned in last month’s post, Thailand continues to have an impressive average response rate on its Facebook pages. The top pages of February have at least 85% average response rate showing that there is high interaction between fans and the admin on the page.

The Philippines witnessed an eventful Valentine’s period last month with Nestle Drumstick and Stellar pages seeing high volume of interactions on their content during the Valentine season. The infographic below reports an impressive growth in average post engagement rate, reflecting that the content from these pages had a significant viral reach.

Interestingly, Malaysia’s top pages and top content were both garnered by fast food chains. With regards to Facebook penetration, the country has reached a plateau with more than 80% of its online population on the social network.

Highlights from Singapore’s Facebook scene last month show that tourist attractions – Resort Worlds Sentosa and the Singapore Flyer – took top spots when it came to having the most interactive content. Having said that, these pages received most engagement from non-Singaporeans as they are tourist spots. Additionally, it was heart warming to see that irememberSG received high post engagement rate.