Top Facebook Pages in Asia, Feb 2013 [Part 2]


Continuing the series on the top Facebook pages for the month of February, here are the reports from the remaining Asian countries.

Similar to Indonesia, India saw a drop in Facebook user numbers as well. This continuing trend from January seems to be due to Facebook’s measures to delete fake profiles. Also in February, Vodafone’s valentines season content garnered all the top 3 positions on the most interacted posts of the month.

OLX Pakistan, an online classifieds page, is not only Pakistan’s top Facebook page but it also has the top content for the month of February.

Japan has the highest post engagement rate amongst Asian countries. However, its average response rate stands at a low 21% reflecting that a large portion of its fan posts and questions remain unanswered.

Similar to Japan, South Korea has an audience who prefer local pages to global Facebook pages. Again, reflecting that a social media strategy on global versus local Facebook pages for brands depends heavily on the type of community it is engaging.

Hong Kong has the highest post engagement rate in Asia after Japan. Even though Sina Weibo is a popular platform, Facebook continues to keep its audience engaged.