Top Facebook Pages in Asia, May 2013 [Part 1]


SocialBakers’ latest infographics on the Top Facebook Pages in May have been released. Let’s look at a selection of the reports for Asian countries to find out how successful brands and content in the region have cracked the audience’s minds.

Singapore’s top 10 Facebook brands by number of local fans remained the same in May, with a clear dominance of reputable players in the F&B industry like McDonalds, KFC, and Starbucks. It’s interesting to witness Samsung Mobile moving to the 2nd position with Singapore contributing to only 1% of its fan base. 2 out of 5 most socially devoted brands by response rate also belonged to Samsung. What’s their plan for the little red dot?

Top brands SG

McDonalds Malaysia continues to own the biggest local fan base  in the country, but no longer the top content title, which was obtained by Pizza Hut Malaysia whilst promoting its new Double Sensation pizza. Despite a moderate crowd of followers compared to giant competitor Blackberry, Samsung Mobile Malaysia got hold of the 2nd and 3rd most popular posts. Striking a right balance between Quantity (huge fan base) versus Quality (engaging content) is what all brands should take into consideration.

MY 7


As seen in the previous month, Ichitan was far ahead of other brands in Thailand, both in terms of the enormous fan base as well as successful content. Attractive prizes for lucky draws were their secret weapon. Question is, what would happen if they can no longer exploit this costly strategy?

TL 1

Mother’s Day opened up a valuable opportunity for brands to engage with their fans in Philippines, as Red Ribbon and KFC Philippines created the most popular content during this occasion. Closely related, the post engagement rate for the top 5 Facebook brands in the country also experienced substantial increases over the month. Still, the average post engagement rate for Philippines’ brands stayed low at 0.1768%, which indicates ample room for improvement.

PH 1

Hong Kong:

The spotlight shone on the exceptionally high response rate among the top 5 brands in Hong Kong, which ranged from 81% to 100%. Though it seems that the total number of questions were small, this achievement implies that Hong Kong’s brands put great emphasis on their customers. The rubber duck of HabourCity which garnered 2 out of 3 most popular posts was another interesting feature for the territory in May.

HK 1