Top Facebook Pages in Asia, June 2013 [Part 2]


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NCell was again the name that deserved most attention when we examined the strength of Facebook brands in Nepal. Besides having the biggest fan base, NCell owned 2 out of the top 3 most popular posts last month. NCell’s Recharge & Wins campaign preserved the attractiveness observed in May despite reaching the closing stage. However, engaging the community with generous promotions instead of exciting content should not be the long term strategy for any brand. 

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Similar to NCell in Nepal, Nescafe clearly led the Facebook sphere in Philippines, both in terms of size and the content strategy. Simple messages accompanied by catchy images of the perfect meal  resonated well with the audience, thus, tactically brought Nescafe’s products closer to their lives. Though the engagement rates of 1.43% and 1.15% (in the examples) were modest, they should be evaluated in conjunction with Nescafe’s huge fan base.

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It’s striking that the top 5 most Socially Devoted brands in Singapore in June (according to their response rates) all worked in the telecom industry. Singtel, Starhub, and Samsung Mobile Singapore have been in the list for a long time, but the arrival of Sony Singapore in replacement of Spotlight made the observation even more convincing. According to Socialbakers, Telecom was the industry having highest response rate in Q2’12. Does it imply that Singapore’s brands were catching up with the global trend?

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South Korea: 

National theme was reflected strongly in the most successful posts in Korea last month. SK Telecom, Happy Point, and Samsung Tomorrow were the 3 brands that exploited this topical content the best. It’s also interesting to see how the subject was approached differently and still rewarded the users with the similar fulfilling results.

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The highlight of Thailand in June was the falling engagement rates of the top Facebook pages. Friskies Thailand who garnered an engagement rate of 4.74% in May was the only brand that escaped this fate. Friskies’ secret weapon was the usage of lovely photos that would melt the heart of any cat lover. In a nutshell, it’s about pinpointing the interest of your target audience and staying focused!

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