We Are Social Asia Midweek Mashup #83

Weibo releases first earnings report since IPO
Chinese microblogging platform Weibo raked in a total of $67.5 million in revenues in Q1, which is a 161% increase from a year ago. Despite this, the social network made a net loss of $47.4 million in the same quarter. The company also reported a growth in users to 143.8 million monthly active users and an average of 66.6 million daily active users. Weibo made its debut on the NASDAQ stock market in April.

Kakao to merge with Daum
A merger has been announced between Kakao Corporation, the company behind South Korean messaging app KakaoTalk, and Daum Communications, the country’s second largest web portal. Through this merger, Kakao and Daum will be better equipped to compete with rivals. The reverse takeover with Daum, which is a listed company, will also allow Kakao Corporation to get on South Korea’s KOSDAQ stock market as early as October, without having to go through the usual IPO processes. The merged company will be called Daum Kakao and is valued at 3 trillion won (S$3.7 billion).

Twitter to hit nearly 400m users by 2018
Research done by eMarketer forecasts that the total number of Twitter users worldwide is set to hit nearly 400m by 2018. In addition, the marketing research firm forecasted that over 40% of those users would come from the Asia Pacific region. By the end of this year, eMarketer also expects India and Indonesia to see more than a 50% growth in users, making them the third and fourth largest Twitter populations in the world.

Facebook can automatically identify music and TV
For the last year, Facebook users have been able to share how they’re ‘feeling’, or what they’re ‘watching’ or ‘listening to’. The network has now expanded the feature, allowing iPhone, iPad or Android microphones to automatically identify music and TV programmes, which can be shared as updates using the normal ‘listening to’ or ‘watching’ format. Facebook has promised not to retain any data from the system, which is being rolled out to US users in the coming weeks.

Facebook looking to rival online dating sites
Facebook is testing an ‘Ask’ button, which allows one user to enquire into another’s relationship status. Mashable pointed out the button’s huge potential and its significance for the online dating world; with such a huge user base, Facebook could quite easily become a rival to the likes of eHarmony and match.com. The Guardian, however, was much less positive, discussing the likelihood of unnecessary pestering and oversharing.

Facebook rolls out ‘I’m a Voter’ button
During the Indian elections in May, over 4 million Facebook users clicked on a new ‘I’m a Voter’ button. As a result, Facebook is expanding the feature to the EU, Colombia, South Korea, Indonesia, New Zealand and Brazil. It’s already seen success in America, too, where its launch during the 2010 mid-term elections was credited with mobilising 340,000 extra voters.

Facebook changes privacy settings
Facebook has responded to pressure and changed its default privacy settings. Those joining from Thursday will now automatically share updates with only ‘friends and family’, rather than the whole public. The change won’t affect current users, who will be prompted to perform a ‘privacy check up’.

Nielsen Twitter TV Rating to provide demographics
Nielsen’s Twitter TV Rating service now includes demographic information on tweet authors. So far, the data collected varies hugely between programmes: sport skews 79% male, reality 65% female. The youngest audience counted 98% of its members under 35, while the oldest saw 85% over 35.

Pinterest adds third party analytics
Pinterest is launching a new analytics API that will allow select partners, such as Salesforce and Hootsuite, to offer a range of Pinterest business insights. The move will not affect Pinterest’s own in built analytics tool.

adidas allows customers to ‘Instagramize’ shoes
adidas is allowing buyers of its ZX Flux trainers to customise them with their favourite Instagram photos. The process, referred to as ‘Instagramizing’, is shown in the below update from the brand.

Budweiser’s social efforts for the World Cup
Budweiser is ramping up its social efforts as official beer to the 2014 World Cup. It’s launching a ‘Rise as One’ microsite to act as a hub for various video and photo content and will also ask fans to vote for their man of the match on Twitter after each game. On site in Rio, there will be a branded hotel, which is set to include an Instagram booth and Facebook studio.


Save The Children launches #Vlog4Good
Save The Children is looking for a new face for its YouTube channel, and is planning to find them through social. Applicants will be given one minute to explain, on video, why they should win the 12 month paid position, in which they’ll be expected to ‘reinvent’ the charity’s editorial approach for the platform.

We Are Social create social viewer for STA Travel
We Are Social has created a campaign for STA Travel, encouraging young Australians to travel domestically. The brand will host a social version of a ‘3d viewer’, allowing users to create their own reel from influencers’ Instagram photos and develop a personalised Australian experience.


Asos upset Jodie Marsh with ‘man’ Twitter comment
Online fashion retailer, Asos, upset glamour star turned bodybuilder, Jodie Marsh last week, when they used her image to refer to models who ‘look like a man’.

Jodie Marsh Asos Tweet

Marsh took to Twitter to voice her anger, referring to the company as ‘bullies’. As a result, Asos has donated £10,000 to an anti-bullying charity and apologised to Marsh. RetailWeek analysed what the ‘fail’ means for brands, including advice by We Are Social’s own Lisa Hardy to ensure that the person in charge of responding on Twitter is adequately experienced for the role.